This website aims to create a comprehensive database of public and private clinics providing PrEP in Malaysia, as well as an interactive map for individuals interested in acquiring PrEP for HIV in Malaysia.

If you are a provider of PrEP and would like to be included on PrEP Locator Malaysia, please fill out your information on the form located under the “Add Provider” tab for our review and follow-up.

If you have further questions about adding information to the PrEP locator map, please visit the “FAQ” tab for more information, or reach out to us using the contact information under the “Contact Us” tab.

If you are a person interested in acquiring PrEP, and have further questions about PrEP for HIV, please visit the “About PrEP” for more detailed information and resources.

This website is modeled after the US PrEP Locator map, a national directory of PrEP providers in the USA developed by Emory University and hosted by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Content and direction for this project was developed by researchers from University Malaya Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur, and the Center of Excellence for Research in AIDS (CERiA). For more information on these institutions, please click on the respective icons at the bottom of this page.